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Objectives of the Georgian Society for Sexual Medicine


Improvement of diagnostic, treatment and prevention of male and female sexual dysfunctions;


Development of International cooperation between the Georgian Society for Sexual Medicine - GSSM and appropriate European Institutions (European Society for Sexual Medicine – ESSM and others) for the introduction of highest European standards in practical and scientific spheres of Sexual Medicine in Georgia;


Preparation of high scientific quality, accurate and reliable information on male and female sexual dysfunctions/sexual health and dissemination of the above-mentioned information in Georgian society through the mass-media and implementation of targeted programs;


Contribution to the increase in quality of sex education among our country's adult population taking into account the characteristics of Georgian national mentality, cultural traditions, religious, spiritual and moral values. This goal can be achieved by contributing on the one hand to strengthening of atmosphere of tolerance in Georgian society and on the other hand by opposing to the invasion of pseudo-culture in the traditional cultural environment (pseudo-culture means a type of culture that aims at formation of the so-called “Homo Sexualis” – type of a person whose mind is guided only by sexual desire).